About Me

Currently I’m a Computer Science and Engineering student at the Ohio State University, as well as a Desktop Support Specialist with the Office of the Chief Information Officer, again at OSU.

I took my first computer course in 2012 at a local branch of Bowling Green State University. In 2013 I began working in IT at a local library, as well as interning at a local web hosting company that also provided home PC repair and IT consultation to local businesses. Since then, I’ve continued in various capacities to work within the IT industry, and consistently have tried to see as many details as possible. I’ve done several personal projects, including setting up Windows and Linux servers, configuring my own DHCP and DNS servers, and setting up remote access and file management systems.

I typically try to take on a new type of project every few months, as work and class permit. This site is actually an example of my latest. I’m currently in the process of reviewing material to get an AWS Developer Associate certificate, and am using this site to test their EC2 hosting. Previous projects include various development projects related to my job. At the library, I made a C++ application to compare scanned books against barcodes found by a collection management software to flag ones for removal, since I had a very short amount of time to go through a large, unorganized section myself. At a previous job where I managed terminating user accounts upon leaving the company, I made the process more efficient by developing a clipboard manager in Java with extra features specifically for that particular use case. Shortly after, at another job, I developed a Java application that consolidated asset information from separate sources to create requested reports on the fly.

To find more about what I’m currently up to, please check out my Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. I’m always looking for more projects to take on, so always feel free to reach out!